Thursday, September 27, 2012

Training - Light Functional Section

If you are short on time and need to get a quick fitness hit. Then try the session below.

It might appear you need some kit that might not be at your local gym, but you can put in a spin bike cycle, instead of the prowler (a weighted sled with different grips on it) push. You can of course use a treadmill. Ill include a couple of the timings for bike and treadmill below.


Big mobility based warm up. Make sure you get all the major body parts warm.

You can go for a jog, or skip as well.

Knee hugs, into a lunge. 4 each side
Leg swings 10 each side.
Super mans 4 each leg
Upper body rotations. 
Side lunges
Russian twists (lay on floor on back, knees bent. Rotate from side to side)
Dynamic calfs.

Circuit of the following. 

  • 1) 25m prowler push x 4


Treadmill 25 seconds on, 10 off on 3% incline x 4


Bike 20 second sprint out of saddle medium reistance to high, 10 second low intensity. X4 

  • Med ball slam x 6
- good over head stretch and low squat finish.

  • Saq ladder x 4 (each with different footwork)
- 2 feet in, latteral, latteral in and out, icky shuffle. 2 forward 1 back.

  • Down up with butt tap x 6
Chest flat on the floor, reach back touch your bum with 2 hands then, jump to your feet again.

2 min recovery

Do 5 total rounds in total of every exercise

Protien shake. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Training - Interview with Anthony Ogogo

It's not often you get to spend time with an Olympic hero, so when I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Ogogo at the Spa F1, apart from finding him to be a top man, I thought I would tap him up for some of his knowledge on training and Nutrition, and share it with you guys. Too see what kind of things top athletes get up to, and if anything can be used in your own training program

I personally love boxing myself and have found it one of the best all round training regimes there is. It requires, skill, endurance, coordination, strength, power and great conditioning. If I could have got involved in one sport as a child, boxing would have been it.

Read and enjoy.

Name- Anthony Osezua Ogogo (born 24 November 1988) is an English amateur boxer from Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, fighting in the 75kg Middleweight category. Ogogo represents Triple A ABC & GB Boxing.

Sport - Boxing

Rep honors - Junior Olympic Champion. Junior World champion and Olympic bronze medalist.

How long have you been involved in your sport and how did you get involved?
I have been boxing for 11 years. My two best friends had a playtime scrap over who scored a goal during a kick about. The little one friend sent the big one crying off with some good technique and speed. I asked how he did it, he said it was boxing. I went that night and was hooked from then on.

Did you always want to be a boxer?
 I wanted to captain England at football first. My playing position of choice was Centre midfield. It wasn’t meant to be!

Which boxers do you look up to?
Muhammad Ali and the two sugar Rays are my heroes; they are the 2 guys that really inspire me. They were both unique talents who had amazing skill and presence.

Who had the most influence on your career?
My Mum, she has been amazing. Instilling in me my work ethnic and attitude. She has inspired me in many ways. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am now.

What is your greatest sporting moment to Date?
Probably beating the reigning world champion en route to winning my bronze medal during the Olympics. He hadn't been beaten in years, and was favorite for the gold medal. People didn't give me a chance, which made victory all the more meaningful.

You're obviously a very athletic and fit person. What are some of your go to training sessions? Things that make you feel the best.
Full on hardcore boxing sessions including sparring always make me feel great. Pads with my coach and some hard heavy bag work. Followed by weights and circuits. The best work out there is. It’s hard, but that’s how you get results.

Any sessions that are great for you but you hate doing?
Circuit training is the worse, I used to hate it as a kid now I see the benefits and like to do them just to finish them. There is no better feeling than battling through and then you know that training is in the bank. The kind of session would be 9 exercises, press-ups, sit ups, squats 20 second each equating to a 3 minute round with a minute rest. 3-6 rounds.

How big a role does conditioning play for you?
Massive. Being as strong and fast as possible whilst staying in my weight category. Having the fitness to perform in the key rounds can make all the difference, in landing shots, moving out the way of punches and ultimately winning the bout.

What drill do you use to help maintain your great footwork in the ring?
Lots of footwork and punching drills with weights in either hand.
For the footwork drills I would use Ladder drills, like to feet in each, laterals, icky shuffle. Plus plyometric's on steps, like jumping up stairs, quick feet up stairs.

If you had a 1-week to prepare for a fight, what sort of things would you do, what sessions would you include
In such a short time I'd focus on speed and reactions. Lots of speed circuits.  For example the coach calls out certain words whilst you're on the punch bag and each word you have to throw a different punch or combination, according to what he says. Like 1,2, or body, hook, upper cut, right straight.

Do you play or take part in any other sports other than boxing?
I love all sports but I'm not allowed to partake in other things, incase of injury. However I've been known to join in with my Mayes Saturday and Sunday football team if they are short on numbers.

Diet is key, how is yours and how seriously do you take it
Very serious. It's vital. When I need to drop weight I tend to not have carbs after my last session of the day. Other than that just eating sensible and working hard. My meals would consist of good helpings of protein and vegetables.

What’s your favorite food?
It has to be Subway. Chicken Teriyaki is my favorite as is low in fat and calories. Yet has a good helping of protein.

Any go to meals or shakes you love pre or post training
Maximuscle's cyclone is the best one out there. It has all the things you need in one shake. I love chicken and things like vegetable and chicken stir fry’s.

2 tips that people can introduce into their training programs that will show results
It is obviously dependent on what they are after and what their program is. If its general conditioning then I like hard interval runs. It’s sure to boost your fitness. Interval running would be. 3 minutes flat out with 1-minute rest x6

2 tips people can add to their diet and training regime to get the Anthony Ogogo body shape.
Punching with weights in their hands and running on the beach.  Lots of abs, they tie everything together and obviously look good.

If you are going to let you hair down and chill what would you eat. On your day off?

What is your go to pre fight meal?
Plenty of carbohydrates. Things like Pasta with chicken and white sauce, broccoli, beans, fish like salmon.

Do you take anything on board other than water during a fight?
No just water, you aren’t allowed anything other than water. 

You have to make weight a lot, any tips on loosing weight and getting shredded.
Training hard Lots of skipping as its not too physically draining but also a good fat burner. No carbs after training.

What would you suggest is 1 good cardio session to burn fat?
12 rounds on the pads. 3 minute rounds 1 minute off. Heavy bag is fine also fine.

Your favourite afternoon snack.
Cyclone bar just like the shake, it ticks all the boxes and is easy to eat.

What's your view on supplements?
They help me no end and play a bid part in my training. Most of my nutrition has to come from food, as it always should. But when you train hard you need that edge. I find Maximuscle are amazing and taking things to the next level.

If you take supplements what would they be and how often
Cyclone. All in one. Perfect for me.

Finally something nobody would know about you.
I'm learning to play the piano and sing. Hollywood here I come. You always need to be looking a head.

A top man and an amazing athlete. Watch his progress for big things.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Training - Footwork, Movement and Ball Skills.

Another Mini Drill to bolt onto your training program to focus on some footwork, movement and conditioning. It’s another @richtidmarsh special.

It can be done on a field, rubber crumb pitch or indoors.  This is a drill as part of another session, but could be added into you regular program or part of a super set (1 or more exercises).

You will need a partner or trainer to help you with this.

Set out some cones around 10 meters apart.  – You are going to side shuffle between the cones, while your partner passes a ball back and forth to you. He is aiming to test your skills, hi, low and side to side.

In-between the passes, you partner calls down and you perform a down and up. As in the video.

You are working for 1 min flat out. Trying to maintain good speed, good spring off the floor and high standards with the ball.

Rest for 45 seconds and perform in 4 more times.


Training - Upper Body Crossfit

Had a recovery day to day, but felt pretty fresh after the weekend’s game. So did my Rehab and then a little Crossfit top up.  I decided to make it upper body focused as we had some conditioning games later in the Afternoon.

The session was as follows

  • 5 chin-ups (Changing grip each rotation.)

  • 10 Bosu ball press-ups with bounce twist. (You turn the Bosu ball over, so the ball part is on the floor and the black flat plate it facing up. Every time you perform a press up you Bosu the plate, so you are coming down at a different angle.

  • 12 curl to press. With 15kg Dumbbell in each hand.

You are doing this 6 times round continuous for time.

I did it in 5 minutes and 35 seconds.

Let me know how you get on. When you finish have a stretch and get a recovery shake in.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Training - Rugby Specific fitness Drill Video

Here is a drill that @richtidmarsh came up with and is one of my favourites. Its a position specific routine for me, to help with my break down work, but is also used as conditioning element in some of the functional fitness work we do.

The idea is to use a weighted sack, or you could use a small power bag. You Hit the deck while holding the bag, shift it across to the other side of your body, pivot round to your feet, release the bag and then clean and press it above your head. You repeat this 6 times none stop as quick as you can. You can do 3 or 4 sets of this.

This is done as part of a wider session containing other functional movements, or can be added into your other workouts to get a bit of a metabolic hit.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nutrition - Alkalive Greens Smoothie

I have just been given some @Alkalivegreens powder to try. I have always talked about the importance of balancing your meals with good green vegetables and trying to use that as a staple building block. Look back at my previous blogs for meal sizing.

However as we all know, those with busy lifestyles, can find getting a well constructed meal, including vegetables quite hard. Eating on the go or takeaways again can often be light in the vegetable department. Unless of course you plan ahead, and bring some Pre cooked veg with you.

One way of adding some good greens to your diet or protien shakes is through a green supplement. I have tried a number, when on England duty, and although they are good for you, they often taste like a spoon full of your grandfathers compost heap. @alkalivegreens is on the better end of the scale when it comes to taste, but still you won't be wolfing it down like a milk shake.

If you operate the rule, if it tastes bad, then its probably good for you. I am talking about in the world of supplements, not food in general. That could go horribly wrong. Things that taste great can be full of added sugar and sweeteners.

So to avoid any issues try mixing your greens powder with either a protien shake pre or post training, or make a smoothie. No one likes to pile in loads of greens at breakfast, so this is another time to make a smoothie. we have all tried the Green machine drink available in starbucks, that contains a lot of the same ingredients, such as wheat grass, spinach etc that tastes good. Try and aim for that kind of flavour and you can't go wrong.

My recipe came from @fitnesskitchen check out her blog for more top tips.

  • 2 scoops of @alkalinegreens
  • 1 avocado (de stoned)
  • 2 sticks of celery
  • 1 glass of cloudy apple juice
  • Top up with water.

You can add whatever fruit you want to the mix as well, for example some Strawberries or Blueberries.

Blend all the contents up and pour over ice. Or blend ice in with the mix.

Email me your recipe ideas and ill try them out.